Jersey City
Community for Youth Empowerment and Educational Partnership (CYCPEP) presents:

You Matter!

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“You Matter” represents a group of Non-Profit organizations and members of the Jersey City community who are committed to implementing programs, services and initiatives to improve the overall quality and life of at-risk and court-involved youth.

This group works with Judges, Hudson County Probation, Hudson County Family Court, Jersey City Police Department, Jersey City Board of Education and the Juvenile Justice Commission. We unite positive members of the community and educate, empower and organize so that we may effectively create positive outcomes for at risk youth. We work collaboratively with the common goals of mitigating conflict, restoring balance and harmony, offering healthy and strength-based alternatives, and directing the energy of Youth by replacing at-high-risk conduct with positive, healthy community-based options. This strength-based approach includes, Martial Arts, Boxing, Sports, Recreation, Art, Music, Vocational, Academic Assistance, Guidance, Technology Mentoring and the cultivation of personal interests.

We promote best practices and standards to the field of Juvenile Justice along with Delinquency Prevention exclusively with the goal of positively impacting youth, families and the surrounding communities through the development of our upcoming events.