Hear it from the people who trust us the most:


Age 50

There is a new energy within the house, we now feel ‘a peaceful home’.


Age 16

I actually felt heard, in the past I would talk, but with Lori, I really felt like she heard me and cared.


Age 29

When Peaceful Healing was coming to the house, I noticed a big difference with my son – things got much better.


Age 45

I really felt for the first time, someone was really listening to me… Lori made me feel like what I was saying really mattered.


Age 36

We definitely noticed a difference with her behavior and her follow through when we were having meetings when Peaceful Healing was involved.


Age 49

The solutions we put into place really helped my husband and I, we are working together and compromising.


Age 40

It is actually working, she is doing much better in school.. even her teacher noticed a difference.


Age 35

Things are so much better, we all noticed a difference, she is able to express herself so much better – big improvement.


Age 40

My entire life changed, the energy of my home changed, and things are definitely better.